LEGO Star Wars Slave I Toy

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The LEGO Ultimate Stars Wars Edition collection brings you another exclusive building kit in the form of Boba Fett’s ultra-badass space faring vessel, Slave 1.

LEGO Slave 1 features precise and true to the film body design and detailing, fully rotatable wings and cockpit, two spinning dual shooters, hidden side hatches that open to reveal missiles and guns stashed within and a handy cargo hold for all your needed space flight and battle amenities.

The LEGO Slave 1 ship kit has nearly 2000 building pieces and upon completed construction rests at around 7” in height and 17” in length with a 14” wingspan in landing mode!

There are also two figurines that are exclusive to this kit only! No other LEGO set offer these two figurines, Boba Fett and Bespin Guard and each has their own weapon, Boba with his signature blaster pistol and another blaster pistol for your Bespin Guard!

And to further round out this already enviable LEGO collection kit is an additional third figurine, a Stormtrooper toting his own blaster rifle.

Own the amazing vessel of the galaxy’s most notorious and legendary of bounty hunters. Relive the thrill of Episode V or begin a new chapter, the force is with you.

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