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Marvel has created many of the superheros we have grown up, or are growing up with. Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, The Fantastic Four, the X-Men – are all Marvel characters.  They have also released an entire universe of swag, merch and toys for everyone from the youngest child to the most wizened comic book collector. We pop culture fans are all the better for it.   Check these GREAT new Marvel toys from Amazon.  These are some our current favorites.

Marvel Toys are EVERYWHERE

You can find their likeness on many different toys in any city in the country – from inexpensive marvel toys in the lines of supermarket checkouts to high end collectible action figures and statues at specialty comic book shop.

One need only look at some of the amazing Marvel collectible figures below to see a wide range of familiar faces.

We’re starting to add more Marvel toys to our site than just collectible action figures. These include Lego sets, articulated action figures and more inexpensive action figure models alongside the amazing Sideshow Toys and Bowen figures we all love so much.

Buy Marvel Toys & Collectibles Online