Commander Battle Droid Figure

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This Geonosis Commander Battle Droid from Sideshow Collectibles is one of our favorite of the new Star Wars toys to come out. We love the hyper-realism of the human character collectible action figures but think the metallic plates and burnished edges of the more robotic figure lend themselves especially well to this form.

The Geonosis Commander is 12 inches tall and a 1/6 scale figure. It comes with a pretty cool - but also slightly weird - Count Dokuu hologram figure.

It's paint scheme is a classic metallic, rust-color theme that is specific to the Geonosis. The yellow markings are there to show the droid commander's higher ranking and supposedly more advanced programming.

The Count Dooku hologram figure comes on a light up communication podium with interchangeable displays. It show that Dooku can pass orders along to the separatists via holographic transmissions.

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